The stars want to distance the genre from negative stereotyping - and KRS-One issues an open letter asking for support which you can read here...

CHUCK D, SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS and KRS-ONE have launched a plea on behalf of the newly formed ANNUAL HIPHOP SUMMIT for greater unity in hiphop culture, following a landmark event attended by some of hiphop’s biggest names.

The inaugural summit, held at Rev. Al Sharpton’s House of Justice in Harlem, New York, was intended to kick-start a more unified front and start building more positive image for hiphop kulture and its elements, and distance it from negative stereotyping.

During the meeting, Reverend Al Sharpton said entertainment companies should support the communities they make money from, while Lyor Cohen of Def Jam said: “Hiphop is in need of a code of honour, a national agenda.”


Chuck D stated: “We are in an industry where we don’t own shit.”

KRS-One also stated that in order to achieve hiphop’s unity and longevity, it is important that hiphop publicly expresses its unity on paper.

KRS-One has now issued an open letter, based on official notes provided by him from the meeting, which asks for support and participation in the run-up to the Appreciation Week.

To read the letter in full, [url=]Click here…

Details were also outlined for the inaugural Hiphop Appreciation Weekand Worldwide Hiphop Summit, to be held between May 14-21 next year. Keep checking NME.COM HIPHOP for further updates.