Pulled Apart By Horses reveal new drummer

New member Tommy Davidson has played for Department M, These Monsters, Dinosaur Pile-Up

Pulled Apart By Horses have revealed new member Tommy Davidson.

The band’s new drummer has played for Department M, These Monsters, Dinosaur Pile-Up and replaces founding member Lee Vincent, who announced plans to leave the band last month.

“I’m over the moon to have joined Horses,” commented Davidson. “The boys are like brothers to me so any excuse to hang out with them even more is gladly welcomed. We’ve already got stuck in with writing some new tunes which is really exciting. I’m also buzzing about all of the gigs and festivals that we’ve got coming up over the next few months. I have a feeling we’re gonna have a lot of fun!”

Vincent released his own statement about leaving the band, writing: “Life has pulled me in a different direction to my fellow Horses and the life of a touring musician just isn’t for me any more. I’m immensely proud of everything we’ve achieved and the music we’ve created together, and I look forward to witnessing the next phase of PABH with my good friend Tommy filling the drum stool.”

The band have also announced their Record Store Day release. They will be putting out a live album called ‘One Night In Heaven’ on 12-inch vinyl via Too Pure Records/Transgressive. The album was recorded at the band’s show at London’s Heaven last November.

The ‘One Night In Heaven’ tracklisting is:

‘Hot Squash’
‘Skull Noir’
‘Moonlit Talons’
‘Lizard Baby’
‘Shake Off The Curse’
‘The Crapsons’
‘Medium Rare’
‘Grim Deal’
‘Some Mothers’
‘You Want It’
‘Everything Dipped In Gold’
‘High Five, Swan Dive Nose Dive’