Pulled Apart By Horses get Download crowd to high-five each other

The band also bring on guest guitarist

Pulled Apart By Horses kicked off the last day of Download (June 14) with an energetic set in the Tuborg Tent, coming onstage at 1.15pm [BST].

James Brown, the guitarist from the Leeds thrash four-piece, introduced the band’s song ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ by asking all of the crowd to high-five the person standing next to them, thanking them after they complied.

During the song, Brown climbed a speaker stack while holding his guitar and jumped off, still playing it.

Earlier in the set, frontman Tom Hudson talked about Def Leppard’s forthcoming headline set tonight on the Main Stage, saying that the Pulled Apart By Horses gang would all be “rocking with our cocks straight out” during the show.

Hudson introduced the band as being “from a backwards city called Leeds” before their final song ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’, for which they were joined onstage by guitarist Lindsay Wilson, who Hudson referred to as the band’s “stunt boobs”.

After chucking and spitting water into the audience Hudson played the song off the stage and down in front of the crowd, jumping into the audience for the end of it as security guards held on to his microphone lead.

Pulled Apart By Horses played:
‘E=MC Hammer’
‘The Crapsons’
‘Meat Balloon’
‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’
‘Back To The Fuck Yeah’
‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’

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Def Leppard at Download festival 2009 – watch the video: