The event on Woodhouse Moor, which cost over £100,000 to stage, reportedly attracted a quarter of the anticipated audience...

LEEDS COUNCIL bosses have been slammed after a dance event in the city which cost over £100,000 to stage reportedly attracted just a quarter of the anticipated audience.

The free 10,000-capacity dance event on Sunday (July 1) at Woodhouse Moor attracted a total of 2,722 people during the course of nine hours.

And according to the Yorkshire Evening Post, the 7 ,000-capacity Main Tent saw only a couple of hundred people at any one time.

Acts appearing and DJing included Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, Utah Saints and The Orb‘s Alex Paterson.

Breeze was intended to be the culmination of a week celebrating youth culture in the city. In the past, music events in Leeds have drawn crowds of between 8,000 and 10,000 to the more usual event site at Temple Newsham, where Breeze was previously held.

Councillor Andrew Carter slammed the organisers, saying: “This appears to have been a scandalous waste of public money. They can’t blame the weather, they can’t blame the standard of acts that were on – so the people in charge should be taking a long, hard look at themselves.”

In a statement, Leeds City Council leader Brian Walker said the event was young people’s own choice. “It was organised after close consultations with a variety of youth groups who told us very clearly that this was the kind of event they wanted. Obviously, this is something we will have to look at for the future and find out why some of our young people thought this would be a highly successful event while others found it not so attractive.”