But if they do regroup next year, things will be "quite different"...

JARVIS COCKER has hinted there might still be a future for PULP – eventhough none of the reasons he joined a band in the first place are still valid to him.

The Sheffield based group recently played a show near their hometown (December 14), which many believe to be their last ever.

Pulp are currently without a record deal and the UK chart placing for their ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation was disappointing. On a personal level, Jarvis recently married, has a child due in 2003, and is planning to emigrate to France.


Speaking in today’s Observer newspaper, Cocker said that if Pulp still have “something valid to say” in 12 months time, they may regroup. However, he warned that any future incarnation of Pulp will be “quite different”.

He said: “I honestly can’t say what is going to happen to Pulp. We’re going to have this gap, at least a year, and if Pulp continues to exist after that, I imagine it will be quite different.”

Cocker did say that his reasons for joining a band over twenty years ago, would not be why he is in a band today.

“Not getting married, not having kids, not getting a proper job – that’s what being in a group is all about.” He said. “For me, it was anyway. I thought, I’m not gonna have anything to do with normal life… it only ends up causing shit. I guess the realisation I got to only recently is that, like it or not, I am part of the human race. It took me to get well fucked-up to realise that.”

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