And Mo Laycock admits she thought the Pulp star's music was "just a lot of noise" and advised him to go to art school...

A former teacher of PULP‘s JARVIS COCKER, who once told him he would never make it, has approached the star and asked for thousands of pounds in a handout to help fund improvements at the school.

Twenty years ago, Mo Laycock told Cocker his music was “just a lot of noise” and advised him to jack it in and go to art school.

However, now Ms Laycock, head of Sheffield’s Firth Park Community College is attempting to raise £50,000 to improve the school, but she is £26,000 short.

“Jarvis and his group performed one of their first concerts in the old school hall, but I didn’t like it and I told him,” she told the Daily Star. “But he’s done well through the arts and I would hope he would have some empathy with what we are doing here and make a donation.’

She added: “We might even name our centre after him.”

Jarvis could not be reached for comment this afternoon (June 20).