Pulp discuss the likelihood of new material and future tours

Jarvis Cocker: 'Everything to do with Pulp happens at such a glacial pace, that's it hard to tell whether anything's happening or not'

Pulp have spoken about the likelihood of new material and future tours.

Talking to NME at the NME Awards with Austin, Texas, in a video which you can watch above, Jarvis Cocker said: “We’re very cloak and dagger about that, well, it isn’t cloak and dagger, we just don’t know! We’re not being mysterious, we’re just not very together.”

He continued, saying there had been “very little activity… It’s like a volcano, you can think ‘wow, that’s dormant’ and then the next day your house has gone, because it’s erupted… Everything to do with Pulp or to do with me happens at such a glacial pace, that’s it hard to tell whether anything’s happening or not, but when it does, the whole geography of the planet is changed.”


Last summer Pulp said that they “honestly” hadn’t discussed making a new album. The band last released an album in 2001, ‘We Love Life’, which was their seventh LP, although they reunited in 2011 and 2012 for live shows. Talking to NME, Steve Mackey of the band said when asked about the possibility of a new record from the band: “I know you’re not going to believe this but we honestly haven’t talked about it.”

Candida Doyle of the group added: “We’re just not that kind of band. If you step back into that environment where you want to release records, then all these complications step up.”

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