The band perform two songs from the band's forthcoming album in a riverside marquee...

PULP made a surprise live appearance in LONDON last night (September 9), where they performed material from his group’s forthcoming album.

Three of the band – singer Jarvis Cocker, guitarist Mark Webber and keyboard player Candida Doyle – sung two songs from the group’s forthcoming, eponymous album – ‘Birds In Your Garden’ and ‘Roadkill’ in a marquee behind Southwark cathedral, to approximately 600 surprised onlookers.

The performance came as part of a larger festival of the arts, which has been running for the last month.

An eyewitness at the show told NME.COM that Pulp‘s performance came as a shock to all those present.

She said: “For anyone passing it would have been a great thing to see, the stage overlooked the river. The band did two songs, but it wasn’t like a formal show, it looked like he decided to do it on the spur of the moment.”

Despite only performing a short set, the show was not without its glitches. Halfway through ‘Roadkill’ the electricity supply to the stage cut, leaving Pulp unable to carry on until it was repaired.

‘Pulp’ is released on October 22.