The band's show at Rotherham Magna Centre contains a few hints that it might be the end for Jarvis and co...

JARVIS COCKER strongly hinted that PULP’s gig at the ROTHERHAM MAGNA CENTRE on Saturday (December 14) would be the band’s last.

The singer stayed onstage for a few minutes after the final encore of ‘Common People’ and told the crowd, “This’ll be the last time you see us for a while. But we may meet again, who knows?”

The gig – the highlight of the inaugural Auto Festival – was held in a former steelworks which has been converted into an enormous science museum including working tornadoes and living robots. The set was an inspired mix of greatest hits and rarely played crowd-pleasers including ‘Razzamatazz’, ‘Lipgloss’ and ‘Happy Endings’. During the set Jarvis also showered the crowd with peanuts and spoke at length about digging a hole to the centre of the Earth.

The full set-list was:

‘Do You Remember The First Time?’


‘Bad Cover Version’

’59 Lyndhurst Grove’ ‘Something Changed’

‘Sorted For E’s And Wizz’



‘This Is Hardcore’

‘I Love Life’


‘Happy Endings’


‘Common People’

Yesterday (December 15), UK tabloid The News Of The World claimed that Pulp had officially split up, quoting Jarvis as having said “It’s all over.”