And you'll never believe what they've called it...

PULP have titled their new album ‘PULP’.

The record, long-awaited follow-up to 1998’s ‘This Is Hardcore’, is released on October 29.

NME.COM can reveal that the record had been given an initial title of ‘Pulp Love Life’, but that has been shelved at the 11th hour. Promotional copies of the album are circulating amongst a select number of journalists bearing the alternate title.

A provisional tracklisting for the record is: ‘Weeds’

‘Origin Of The Species’

‘Minnie Timperly’



‘I Love Life’

‘Birds In Your Garden’

‘Bob Lind’

‘Bad Cover Version’



However, a final tracklisting has not yet been confirmed by an official spokesperson for the group.

‘Pulp’ has been produced by Scott Walker. It’s the first time the reclusive star has ever produced a record for anyone else.

Explaining the new album, vocalist Jarvis Cocker said: “This record deals with fundamental things. In some ways I suppose it’s quite childlike. We stripped away all the things and in the end we were left with bare earth, trees and nature.”

The album had a protracted birth after the band ditched everything they’d recorded in the early part of 2000 with a producer that didn’t work out, and started again in October with Walker on board.