The dance act and the foppish Pulp singer team up on a Jimmy Webb classic...

JARVIS COCKER and a 34-piece orchestra appear on a cover of the JIMMY WEBB song ‘THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN’ by BRISTOL dance duo ALPHA.

The collaboration was recorded at Abbey Road studios, where Alpha have been working on their second LP, ‘The Impossible Thrill’, which is released on March 19 through Melankolic, fellow Bristolians Massive Attack’s label.

It is anticipated that the track will be released as a single later this year.

The group have also been approached by Madonna, after she heard their ‘Come From Heaven’ debut LP. “She rang us up and invited us to her house,” the band told Seven magazine. “There were Picassos on the walls. We were shitting ourselves!”

As yet, no collaboration with the Queen of Pop is believed to have been confirmed.

However label boss Daddy G will appear on ‘The Impossible Thrill’.