And did you know that, in certain places, the Pulp singer's as popular as Adolf Hitler?...

A waxwork model of PULP frontman JARVIS COCKER will be removed from its central London exhibition space this coming weekend (November 25) to prevent it from being attacked by MICHAEL JACKSON fans, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

The effigy of Cocker, currently sitting proudly in Rock Circus in Covent Garden, will be locked away to stop any planned attacks by Jacko’s wacko fans, still enraged at Cocker’s stage invasion at the 1996 Brit Awards Ceremony. During Jackson’s performance of ‘Earth Song’, Cocker bolted onstage to shake his backside in protest at the star. He was later arrested and spent several hours in a police cell but escaped charges over the incident.

Rock Circus made the decision to remove the waxwork after a flood of calls from Michael Jackson fans telling them to expect a visit. Members of his official fanclub are set to converge on the capital at the weekend for their annual conference and plan to visit Rock Circus, which houses three statues of their hero.


“We decided removing the statue of Jarvis was probably the wisest option,” a spokesperson for Madame Tussauds, the owners of Rock Circus, said. “He’ll be locked in a secure cupboard over the weekend so no-one can get their mitts on him until it’s safe to go back out on Monday morning.”

She added: ‘The models cost £30,000 each and we don’t really want to see any waxworks have their heads knocked off.”

Cocker will be interested to learn that the only other waxwork in need of protection from the public – housed permanently behind protective glass panels in the main Madame Tussauds building – is that of Adolf Hitler.

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