JARVIS COCKER heals the sick in Hereford: is he pop's messiah?

JARVIS is Jesus. It’s official. Midway through the opening night of Pulp‘s first full British tour of ’98, they’re into the silver power chorus of ‘Help The Aged’ when a metal crutch is raised above the crowd. For a full verse the oversized baton waves along and then a miracle happens. The matching second crutch is hoisted up leaving one formerly wobbly fan swaying, crutchlessly, in the boudoir-twilight atmosphere…”

After months of art projects and experimental perrformance pieces, PULP looked set to lose their pop fan base and appeal to a dwindling section of the black-polo-neck wearing eggheads down the ICA.

But they can still be the undisputed rulers of pieople’s pop if they want to be reports ROGER MORTON from the opening of their UK tour.


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