Adam & Joe, Steven Wells and Billy Childish also read at Clerkenwell Literary Festival...

Blur‘s Alex James, The AuteursLuke Haines, Black Box Recorder‘s John Moore and ex-Pulp man Russell Senior, now of Venini, all appear at this year’s Clerkenwell Literary Festival at various venues around London from July 12-18.

NME‘s Steven Wells and Tommy Udo also appear in the week of events, along with Sean Hughes, Annie Nightingale, Billy Childish, Keith Allen, Louis Theroux and Adam and Joe, who are also on the panel of an ‘anti-drinking evening’ along with the absinthe-importing Moore.

Alex James will be reading from Kevin Sampson‘s new novel about the music industry, Powder, and Haines and Senior will debate the topic ‘Pop Lyrics: Meaning And Content’. It is thought that Jarvis Cocker might also attend. For tickets, call 0171 771 2000.