Relax, Pulp and Orbital fans relax - the event will definitely continue...

HOMELANDS will not be affected by the continuing foot and mouth crisis, organisers have stressed.

A statement from organisers Mean Fiddler on Friday afternoon (March 23) stressed that the event – to be headlined by Pulp, Leftfield and The Orb at Winchester’s Matterley Bowl on May 26 – said the event would definitely continue.

The statement, from Mean Fiddler’s festival director Melvin Benn, said there would be no risk of foot and mouth being passed on because the festival site had not been used as farmland for months before the outbreak.

He added: “The particular location of the car parks and event fields that are used for the festival have not had cattle or animals on for over five months. The festival has separate entrances directly off a major road – the A31 – which is exceptionally unlikely to be closed because of that. There have been no cases of foot and mouth reported in the near vicinity and the farmer himself has a quiet confidence that his actions and the Government actions will result in the festival taking place.”