DISC 2000?

Will there be new Pulp material before the end of the year? nme.com investigates...

Pulp‘s new album is at the centre of a ‘will they/won’t they’ mystery, with the slated November 10 release date apparently being blown out of the water.

A new album from Sheffield‘s finest was slotted into autumn release schedules, and only last month frontman Jarvis Cocker revealed to NME (August 26 issue) that Pulp had been busy in the studio and that he was keen to release something new quickly.

“I’d really like to get something out before the end of the year,” he said. “I can’t even believe this year’s gone so quick, but I really hope we can get something out before the end of the year.” Prior to the band’s performance at the Reading and Leeds Festivals at the end of August, he said that all the songs for the album had been completed, bar the lyrics for one.

But a spokesperson for the band has said that no release is imminent, and there is unlikely to be one before the end of the year.

Sources have informed nme.com that Pulp were returning to the studio tomorrow (October 2) to carry on with work, and that the band are likely to embark on an experimental voyage of some description.

However, a source close to Pulp did tell nme.com that they were about to do something odd and experimental. They also hinted that things would be apparent by the end of next week – so a release could possibly still be on line for November. It is not known if any of the tracks unveiled during the band’s appearance at the Reading/Leeds Festival (August 26, 27) will be among this batch.

The release will be the first new material from Pulp since ‘This Is Hardcore’ in 1998.