El Jarv and 'A Touch Of Glass' have a crack at enigmatic crooner's repetoire...

JARVIS COCKER‘s A TOUCH OF GLASS performed Scott Walker‘s ‘ON YOUR OWN AGAIN’.at last night’s (Sunday) concert as part of the SCOTT WALKER’S MELTDOWN festival.

“I’d better thank Scott Walker for inviting me before I do the song,” said Cocker before playing the track from Scott 4. Scott Walker has programmed this year’s festival following in the illustrious footsteps of luminaries such as John Peel, Elvis Costello and Nick Cave. Sadly Scott himself programmed the festival on the condition that he didn’t perform himself.

A Touch Of Glass performed a 30-minute set which featured heavily-arpeggiated instrumentals with the Phillip Glass and Steve Reich-styling. Occasionally this lapsed into gloopy, electronic bleeps sadly more reminiscent of the mawkish ’80s hangover of Vangelis rather than the ethereal beauty of the avant garde.

He was joined by the Swingle Singers to perform the sweeping John Barry-esque ‘My Body May Die’ from the TV series ‘Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased)’.

The evening was headlined by Smog, who trawled through the majority of the recent ‘Dongs Of Sevotion’. Meanwhile, the evening was kicked off disappointingly with Fuckhead whose name was the highlight of their performance.