Pulp's Finsbury Park spectacular is getting a new lease of life on video...

Pulp are to release a live video of their headlining Finsbury Park gig last July.

Called The Park Is Mine, the video is released on November 23. The tracklisting is: “The Fear’, ‘Do You Remember The First Time’, ‘Dishes’, ‘Seductive Barry’, ‘Sorted For E’s and Wizz’, ‘TV Movie’, ‘A Little Soul’, ‘Party Hard’, ‘Help The Aged’, ‘Sylvia’, ‘This Is Hardcore’, ‘Glory Days’, ‘Common People’, Laughing Boy’ and ‘Something Changed’. The July 25 gig was the first one-day outdoor gig the band had headlined.

Pulp are currently in Australasia, where they are playing their first tour. They then return to the UK for an autumn/winter tour as previously reported on