JARVIS COCKER attacks the UK's Labour Government in lyrics on the band's new single...

Pulp have launched an attack on Britain’s Labour Government in the lyrics to track included on their next single.

‘Cocaine Socialism’, a track on the B-side of the ‘A Little Soul’ single (released date June 8), follows Jarvis Cocker’s previous criticisms of Tony Blair in NME‘s March 14 issue. Pulp bassist Steve Mackey says the song was written by Jarvis after the Labour Party tracked the singer down while he was on holiday in New York last year and asked him to support them in their election campaign. Jarvis apparently told the party representative to “piss off”.

‘Cocaine Socialism’ is reminiscent of ‘Common People’ and includes similar lyrical references: “I’d just like to tell you that I love all of your albums/Could you sign this for my daughter/She’s in hospital/Her name is Miriam/Now I’ll get down to the gist/Do you want a line of this/Are you a socialist Well you sing about common people/So can you bring them to my party and get them all to sniff this and all I’m really saying is ‘Come on and rock the vote for me’/All I’m really saying is come on/Roll up that note for me/Your choice in all of this is: do you want hits or do you want misses?/Are you a socialist? And we’ve waited such a long time for the chance to help our own kind/So now please come on and toe the party line”.


After reading the full transcript, Labour press representative Julie Crowley says: “I don’t even understand half of it, to be honest. It’s up to people whether or not they support the Labour Party. He’s entitled to his views.”

Jarvis is currently in South America filming a Channel 4 documentary and was unavailable for comment. However, talking to NME recently about his decision to shun the Labour invite, he commented: “I’ve always voted Labour, but I wasn’t prepared to use my position in that way. It’s not appropriate, in the same way that it’s not appropriate for Tony Blair to give awards at the Brits and stuff like that. To me it just stinks of, ‘Come on kids, I’m hip’.”

Meanwhile, Pulp have announced the support acts for their Finsbury Park show on July 25. The bill comprises Bernard Butler, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Catatonia, Ultrasound plus special guests.

‘Cocaine Socialism’ ) Island/EMI

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