The world is spared 'Tubby People'...

JARVIS COCKER has refused the BBC permission to use Pulp‘s ‘Common People’ as part of the children’s television series ‘Teletubbies’.

The BBC wanted the Teletubbies to do a cover of the song, renamed ‘Tubby People’, but Pulp refused, claiming that the idea “was a little bit naff.”

Pulp are currently in the process of writing and recording their new LP, due for release early in 2000. A spokesperson told that following their triumphant return to live performance at the Edinburgh Flux Festival the band are “in fine mood, much more positive than at the time of writing ‘This Is Hardcore’“.


This is not the first time musicians have denied use of their songs or titles to television characters. In 1996 Noel Gallagher refused The Smurfs permission to cover any of their songs, while in 1998 he prevented The Wombles calling their album ‘What’s The Story (Tobermory)’.