Pulp follow-up their UK Top 10 hit single 'Help The Aged' with the title track from their forthcoming album, 'This Is Hardcore'...

Pulp follow up their UK Top 10 hit single ‘Help The Aged’ with the title track from their forthcoming album, ‘This Is Hardcore’. The track is released by Island Records on March 16.

The new single is described as the closest the band have come to recording a John Barry style epic and features a sample of ‘Bolero On The Moon’ by The Peter Thomas Orchestra. It’s backed by two more new tracks: ‘Ladies’ Man’ and ‘The Professional’ which sees Jarvis Cocker proclaiming in the lyrics, “Cocker is short for cocksucker.”

Two other CD formats also feature a demo version of the A-side and re-mixes by San Francisco lounge core act Tipsy, End Of The Line and Stock, Hausen And Walkman. The band’s album is scheduled for release in late March and track titles include ‘Sylvia’, ‘Party Hard’, Seductive Barry’ and ‘The Fear’.


Former Art Of Noise cohort Anne Dudley has scored all the string arrangements on the LP. Pulp have also recorded a song, ‘We Are The Boyz’, for the soundtrack of the London-shot glam film Velvet Goldmine. They were personally asked to contribute by Michael Stipe who’s putting the soundtrack together.

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