Jarvis Cocker hosts ‘underwater dream’ themed BBC Prom – listen

Pulp frontman hosted a Wireless Nights Prom at the Royal Albert Hall last night (September 10)

Jarvis Cocker hosted the BBC’s Wireless Nights Prom at the Royal Albert Hall in London last night, mixing music by Bach and Echo & The Bunnymen in a unique show.

Cocker appeared from a bed raised up through the centre of the Royal Albert Hall as he hosted a prom designed to soundtrack an “underwater dream”. Music by Bach, Wagner and Debussy was played by the BBC Philharmonic and the Manchester Chamber Choir while Cocker sang versions of Echo & The Bunnymen’s ‘Ocean Rain’, Tim Buckley’s ‘Song To The Siren’ and ‘Goodbye’, a hit for Mary Hopkin that was written by Paul McCartney.

In between the music, Cocker discussed the psychology of Carl Jung and read out a series of life-and-death stories about the sea. The whole thing can be heard here.

NMEJenn Five/NME

In February, Pulp talked about the likelihood of new material and future tours. Speaking at the NME Awards with Austin, Texas, Cocker said: “We’re very cloak and dagger about that, well, it isn’t cloak and dagger, we just don’t know! We’re not being mysterious, we’re just not very together.”

He continued, saying there had been “very little activity… It’s like a volcano, you can think ‘wow, that’s dormant’ and then the next day your house has gone, because it’s erupted… Everything to do with Pulp or to do with me happens at such a glacial pace, that’s it hard to tell whether anything’s happening or not, but when it does, the whole geography of the planet is changed”.

Candida Doyle of the group added: “We’re just not that kind of band. If you step back into that environment where you want to release records, then all these complications step up.”