Jane’s Addiction pull out of Reading Festival at the last minute

Band cite illness as they can NME/Radio 1 Stage slot

Jane’s Addiction have pulled out of their Reading Festival show tonight (August 27).

The band had been due to headline the NME/Radio 1 Stage at the bash, but officially pulled out shortly after they had been due on stage. They have cited the severe swelling of singer Perry Farrell‘s vocal chords as the reason for the drop-out.

The band haven’t announced if they will continue on to Leeds Festival tomorrow or not in light of tonight’s cancellation.

An official statement issued by the band reads as follows:

Jane’s Addiction regretfully had to cancel their scheduled headline performance on the NME /Radio 1 stage at this year’s Reading Festival as singer Perry Farrell was unable to perform due to the severe swollen condition of his throat.

It continues:

Although Farrell was treated earlier in the day by top local London physicians and had his heart set on trying to perform under any circumstance, in the end he was completely unable to produce any sound vocally. Jane’s Addiction would like to deeply apologize to the fans for any inconvenience.

The Strokes and Pulp are co-headlining the Main Stage at Reading this evening.

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