Pulp promise not to let fans down during reunion shows

Band also say rehearsals are "sounding good"

Pulp have promised that they will not let fans down during their reunion shows this summer.

The Sheffield band, who announced in November that they are reuniting, are confirmed to headline both the Isle of Wight and Wireless festivals this summer.

In a message sent to fans on the band’s official mailing list yesterday (January 1), Pulp said the fact that so many fans have shown interest in the band’s reunion is “…an inspiration.” They also said they have been rehearsing and the results are sounding good.

The message read: “We will not let you down. The fact that so many of you have shown in interest is an inspiration – we knew it was a big part of our lives, it’s exciting to know it’s a big part of your lives too. We have played the songs and the songs sound good. We can have fun together, get to know each other again. Christ, it’s been too long – we’d almost forgotten what you look like. Don’t ever let that happen again. Cross your heart?”

Pulp are also confirmed to headline Spanish festival Primavera.