The event takes place on Saturday...

A free music festival is to take place on Saturday in LONDON to remember those who died in the city’s terrorist attacks.

The event, ’London United’, will take place at Burgess Park (July 16), and aims to show the city’s “defiance of those who try to change the character of the city through terror”.

The event starts at noon, and finishes at 8.30pm. Line-up details will be confirmed in the coming days.


Madness star Suggs, who will be performing at London United, said: “’We love London because London lets you be yourself. On Saturday at ‘London United’ we will show that London stands firm in all its diversity after the terrible events of last week.”

Billy Bragg, who will be also be appearing, added: “This free festival gives all Londoners an opportunity to come together to send a message of defiance to the bombers by celebrating the diversity they wish to destroy.”

The concert is being organised by the Mayor Of London Ken Livingstone. He said: “The bombings that took place last week indiscriminately attacked Londoners irrespective of race, culture, religion or age. London is the future. This free gig will show that London stands firm and celebrates its status as a city of all races, faiths and cultures, the very thing the bombers hate.”

Jarvis Cocker and St Etienne are also supporting the concert, although it’s unclear if they will be performing.

Cocker said: “At this time it’s important for people from all backgrounds to stand together – it’s also important for them to enjoy themselves. This event allows them to do both.”