After being sampled by two recent chart hits, the track, which featured prominently in the film 'Blade', is to be made available once more...

PUMP PANEL’s remix of NEW ORDER’s ‘CONFUSION’, which famously featured in the opening sequence of the vampire movie ‘BLADE’, is set to be re-released.

The track was apparently chosen personally by lead actor Wesley Snipes for the sequence in which vampires attack an illegal basement rave.

However, due to the fact that the riff has been sampled by two high-charting dance hits – ‘Phatt Bass’ by Warp Brothers Vs Aquagen and ‘Operation Blade’ by Public Domain – original label Missile have decided to re-release the track.

“These records have nothing to do with the film ‘Blade’,” explained Pump Panel man Tim Taylor. “I would like people to have the chance to hear our version that created all the interest in the first place.”

‘Confusion’ is re-released through Missile Records on April 2.