PUP hang out with puppets and swap ‘Kids’ lyrics for Christmas cheer during live TV performance

"I’ve been navigating my way through the winter reality of this Christmas season"

PUP have got into the festive spirit by altering the lyrics to their single ‘Kids’ during a live performance on a Canadian children’s TV show.

The Toronto punks played the lead single from their latest album, ‘Morbid Stuff’, on CBC Kids earlier this week. In the clip the four-piece are flanked by puppets from the programme while lead singer Stefan Babcock plays around with the song’s original lyrics.


“Just like the kids, I’ve been navigating my way through the winter reality of this Christmas season/ Which, at this point in my bright and merry life, has jingled the jingle bells that I’ve got left/ And I’ve embraced the festivities with friends and family and holiday cheer,” go the new lyrics.

They sit in stark contrast with the song’s original lines in which Babcock’s details his “hollow and vapid life” where he’s “embraced the calamity/ With a detachment and a passive disinterest”.

In other news, the Canadian band spoke to NME recently about creating safe environments at their gigs.

When asked how they would handle bad or inappropriate behaviour at one their shows, Babcock answered: “It obviously dependent on the circumstances, but we’ll stop mid song if it looks like someone’s in danger, or if we see a fight or shoving match break out.

“And I’m sure there’s two sides to every story; but like those people have to go because it’s creating a bad environment to the people around them,” he said.