PURPLE KISS return with mischievous music video for ‘Nerdy’

Their fourth mini-album ‘Geekyland’ is out now

Rookie K-pop girl group PURPLE KISS have unveiled the music video for their single ‘Nerdy’ from their new mini-album ‘Geekyland’.

In the new visual, the septet star as witches who play pranks on the security guards working at a haunted house. The members follow them around, turning invisible at will, making objects levitate and causing security cameras to malfunction. Eventually, they possess the guards and make them start dancing.

Okay, I’m nerdy / But I’m not stupid, so what / Na na ni na ni na, I love myself / Yeah I’m so nerdy / The same pretty (No!) / Na na ni na ni na, you make fun of me,” PURPLE KISS sing on the chorus.


In addition to ‘Nerdy’, the new record includes five B-sides, starting with ‘Intro: Bye Bye Bully’, which the group previewed in a performance clip leading up to the release. Other songs include ‘Fireflower’, ‘Can’t Stop Dreamin’’, ‘Love Is Dead’ and ‘Summer Rain’.

Rapper Yuki is credited as a lyricist on the B-sides ‘Fireflower’ and ‘Love Is Dead’, while ‘Summer Rain’ was co-written and co-composed by label mate RAVN of the boyband ONEUS.

‘Geeklyland’ arrives four months after PURPLE KISS’ third mini-album ‘memeM’, which was led by the single of the same name. That project featured a total of seven songs, with at least one member of the group helping to write or compose every track on the record save the intro.

PURPLE KISS are the second girl group produced by RBW Entertainment after K-pop powerhouses MAMAMOO. The act – completed by Park Ji-eun, Na Go-eun, Dosie, Ireh, Yuki, Chaein and Swan – first debuted in March 2021 with the mini-album ‘Into Violet’, which included the lead single ‘Ponzona’, a song co-written and produced by members Na Go-eun, Swan and Yuki.

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