PURPLE KISS announce upcoming Christmas-themed single ‘My My’

The septet’s new track arrives later this week

Rookie girl group PURPLE KISS are set make their return with a new digital single later this month.

Over the weekend (December 11), PURPLE KISS shared that they would be releasing a new digital single later this week. Titled ‘My My’, the forthcoming track is set to drop on December 18 at 6pm KST.

PURPLE KISS, which is RBW Entertainment’s latest act, has also unveiled a slew of Christmas-themed concept images for the upcoming release, hinting that it could possibly be inspired by the holiday season.


‘My My’ will be PURPLE KISS’ third release of the year, after their debut mini-album ‘Into Violet’ in March and ‘HIDE & SEEK’ in September. The latter was accompanied by a thrilling music video for lead single ‘Zombie’, which was co-written by main rapper Yuki and RBW Entertainment labelmate CyA of the band ONEWE.

Last month, the entertainment agency came under fire after PURPLE KISS’ leader Na Go-eun was spotted in an outfit that featured what looked like the Parteiadler insignia, which had been used by the Nazi Party.

The agency later issued an apology via the girl group’s official fan cafe website. “We apologise for any inconvenience for not going through sufficient inspection on all clothes and accessories in advance,” wrote RBW.

“All responsibilities for the above lies with us as the artist’s agency, who failed to review the outfit in detail, and we deeply reflect on our failure to pay close attention,” it added. The agency also later re-released the images of the idol, with the insignia edited out.