Watch Pusha T explain Kanye West’s meeting with Donald Trump

West famously embraced Trump during a meeting at Trump Tower back in December

Pusha T has explained Kanye West‘s motives behind his now-infamous meeting with Donald Trump.

West famously embraced Trump during a meeting at Trump Tower back in December, with the then President-elect claiming that the pair had been friends for a “long time”. Kanye later explained that he had met with Trump to “discuss multicultural issues”, arguing on Twitter that “it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change”.

After Kanye appeared to distance himself from Trump by deleting all his previous tweets referencing their meeting recently, West’s long-time collaborator and President of his GOOD Music label Pusha T has explained on a Washington DC radio show what Kanye’s thinking was behind the meeting.


“This is not the first thing that me and Kanye disagree on. We disagree on a lot,” Pusha said. “I 100% disagreed [with the Trump meeting]. I was like ‘There’s nothing you got to talk about.What you got to talk about?’.”

Pusha added: “We were definitely polar opposites… But [Kanye] was like ‘We either gotta communicate or we ain’t gonna be heard’. That was his stance on it. My stance was, ‘Listen, I can’t deal’… But that’s what makes our dynamic good. We all got opinions. We battle back and forth.”

Pusha T also confirmed that Kanye is working on new music, despite recent reports suggesting the opposite.

Later today, Kanye could be set to premiere a new collaboration with Drake called ‘Lost Hills’.