Hear Pusha T’s new Kanye West-produced song, ‘Sociopath’

Featuring Kash Doll

Pusha T has released ‘Sociopath’, a song produced by Kanye West and featuring Detroit rapper Kash Doll. Listen to it below.

The song is Pusha T’s first offering of the year, and the follow-up to last year’s ‘Daytona’ album, which West also mainly produced. According to Stereogum, ‘Sociopath’ was originally supposed to appear on the rapper’s last record, but it was scrapped during the final cut. The track got leaked back in April but was later taken down. 

“I love leaks like the next man,” Pusha T wrote in a tweet about his newest release. “But I had to make sure you had the mixed and mastered in your archives.” Hear ‘Sociopath’ here:


Last Friday (August 23), the rapper confirmed on social media that he’s back in the studio “recording a masterpiece, again”. No further details were shared about his upcoming project.  

In June, Pusha T and Ye were reportedly sued after they allegedly failed to clear a sample that was used on the album. FAME Enterprises Inc. filed a case against the rappers, claiming that they didn’t give the pair permission to use ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ by George Jackson on the track ‘Come Back Baby’. 

In the lawsuit, the company stated that Pusha T wouldn’t have been allowed to use the song on the record because ‘Come Back Baby’ is “about drug addiction and the money made from selling drugs”. FAME’s lawyers also added that “the worldwide rights to the sound recording ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ are 100% owned by FAME”.

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