PVA share remixes of ‘Talks’ by Mura Masa and Lynks

Their debut EP, 'Toner', is out in November

PVA have shared two new remixes of their latest single, ‘Talks’, by Grammy-winning producer Mura Masa and South London producer and artist Lynks.

Both remixes and the original track will feature on PVA’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Toner’. The EP is slated for release on November 20 via Ninja Tune imprint, Big Dada.

Listen to the two remixes below:


In a statement, Mura Masa said he “jumped at the chance” when offered an opportunity to remix ‘Talks’.

“I’m a really big fan of PVA since hearing Divine Intervention, so when they very kindly let me hear their new music I jumped at the chance to put my own twist on Talks,” he said.

“I think they’ve got a very refreshing take on a very classic sound so I tried to do a similar thing with my remix.​”

In an additional statement, Lynx said they wanted the visualiser to imitate Benedict Cumberbatch as the creature in his 2011 theatre play, Frankenstein.


“With this remix I was going for like, Britney-concert-in-outer-space-on-DMT vibes,” Lynx said.

“I tried to create this weird contrast between a mega-poppy, catchy, hard chorus and these ethereal, icy, super minimalist verses. And then for the visualiser, I was going for the intro of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Frankenstein, except instead of learning how to walk he’s learning how to dance. Bloody loved making both and can’t wait for people to hear my chaotic take on this amazing tune.”

Upon release of ‘Talks’, vocalist and guitarist Josh Baxter said the song was inspired from both real relationships and the “fictional relationship between John and Abigail Marston (the two main characters in video game Red Dead Redemption).”

“Talks’ is about how we invent games in order to avoid expressing our true feelings or take the risk of being hurt,” Baxter said.