PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn on how new single dispels “bullshit” myth that musicians “need to suffer for their art”

"I can’t be that version of myself anymore, it’s not healthy and I’m not doing it, so you’ve got to let go.”

PVRIS lead singer Lynn Gunn has opened up on the personal meaning behind the band’s upcoming new track, ‘Things Are Better’.

The Massachusetts trio are set to release their ‘Hallucinations’ EP this Friday (October 25), which follows on from their 2017 album ‘All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell’.

In a new interview with Rock Sound, Gunn revealed that one song in the collection was inspired by her own mental health struggles, and dispels the “bullshit” idea that musicians need to be “suffering” to create great work.


Explaining how ‘Things Are Better’ reflects a newfound positive relationship with herself, the singer said: “It kind of ties into being able to separate myself from what we’re doing. Not feeling attached to this archetype of what an artist needs to be, or these ideas of, ‘You need to suffer for your art’, or ‘You need to be a tortured artist’.

PVRIS, 2019 (Credit: Lindsey Byrnes)

“You know that whole thing of, ‘If you’re not suffering, you’re not doing it right?’ It’s such bullshit!”

Gunn went on the state that the song deals with “coming out on the other end of being really anxious and really depressed”, and finding she was still able to be creative while being in a better place mentally.

“When things in your life are good, you don’t need to be in a toxic situation,” she added,  “you don’t need to be going through heart-wrenching experiences to make great art. Obviously if you’re going through that, and you’re harnessing it to put it into art, that’s amazing, but it’s not like, mandatory to create!”


Speaking from a lyrical point of view, Gunn explained that the song is “like a letter to myself, but to fans as well, saying, ‘I know that the first two records were made from really dark headspaces, and I know you grew attached to that… but I’m not there anymore, and I’m really sorry to tell you that.

“I can’t be that version of myself anymore, it’s not healthy and I’m not doing it, so you’ve got to let go’.”

PVRIS have previewed the upcoming ‘Hallucinations’ EP with its title track and ‘Death Of Me‘, which were both released over the summer. In August, the band played 2019’s Reading and Leeds festivals.

Early next year, PVRIS will return to UK shores for three intimate headline shows. You can see the full schedule below.

PVRIS UK tour 2020:


18 – Glasgow, St Luke’s
19 – Manchester, Gorilla
20 – London, Electric Brixton

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