PWR BTTM face backlash after returning to Twitter for first time since sexual assault allegations

Singer/guitarist Ben Hopkins was accused of sexual assault in May

PWR BTTM have faced a backlash after returning to social media for the first time since the sexual assault allegations levelled at band member Ben Hopkins earlier this year.

Back in May, just days before the release of their second album ‘Pageant’, guitarist and singer Ben Hopkins was accused of several cases of “historic sexual assault” – with it claimed that Hopkins was “a known sexual predator” who was alleged to have made “unwanted advances on minors”.

While the band “strongly contested” all allegations of sexual assault, they were swiftly dropped by their management and record label, with various touring band members quitting and several support acts speaking out against Hopkins. PWR BTTM’s tour dates were subsequently cancelled with their music also pulled from streaming services.

Later, in June, the band signed a new management deal in a bid to re-release their music. However, they have remained silent on their social media platforms since.

PWR BTTM returned to Twitter late on Sunday night (November 26) to share a vintage photo of a woman on a motorcycle. They have since deleted the tweet but you can see a screenshot of it below.

The band’s tweet was met with a negative reaction online, with one Twitter user replying: “It seems careless to essentially ignore severe [sexual assault] allegations and then casually hop back on Twitter 6 months later as if everything is ok”.

Another wrote: “[You] disappeared for more than 6 months but we didn’t forget I wonder what bullshit this will lead to”. See a handful of responses below.

In their last issued statement back in May, the band said they wanted “nothing more than to be back performing together soon”.