The star faces a New York court after being accused of breaking the jaw of another rapper...

Hip-hop star Q-Tip has escaped with a small fine in a New York court after pleading guilty to breaking the jaw of another rapper.

According to reports from the US, the former member of A Tribe Called Quest, real name Kamall Fareed, pleaded guilty to punching rapper Kenrick Miranda at Virgin Megastore in Times Square New York on March 15. Miranda later needed treatment at the city’s St. Claire’s Hospital, and had his broken jaw wired shut.

The altercation stemmed from an argument last summer when Q-Tip stepped in to prevent Miranda handing out his demo tapes in front of New York’s Hit Factory Studios.


By pleading guilty to third degree assault at New York Midtown Court on Monday (June 26), Q-Tip was given an unconditional discharge and ordered to pay US$120.

However, this may not spell the end of the affair. Following Q-Tip‘s original court appearance on April 24, the New York Post had claimed Miranda was keen to instigate a civil action in order to reclaim some $10,000 medical expenses he is said to have incurred. Neither Q-Tip nor Miranda have yet made any announcement.

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