Q-Tip on Kanye West: “I love him, but we need to have a serious discussion about his Trump remarks”

A new interview with the A Tribe Called Quest MC comes as it is reported that West remains in hospital as he "is still not stable"

Q-Tip has revealed that he has reached out to Kanye West in the wake of the latter’s recent health issues, but warned that he and West need to have “a serious discussion” about the remarks he made in the lead-up to his recent hospitalisation.

West recently guested on A Tribe Called Quest‘s final album, ‘We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service’, with uncredited vocals on the track ‘The Killing Season’.

West has however been subject to health issues in the past week, after he was hospitalised for “his own health and safety” on November 21. This move came after West had made a number of controversial comments on stage during a series of recent gigs – one of which he cut short – including a notable endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump.


Asked about West’s situation during a new interview with Bloomberg Politics, Q-Tip was quick to support his fellow artist, but did express concern at the nature of those on-stage comments.

“He’s my brother. It’s difficult, because I love him, that’s my brother,” Q-Tip said. “And I reached out to him, and I hope that we just get to talk. I probably want to leave it there, because I really care about that dude. But his remarks are something that something that require he and I to have a little serious discussion.”

Watch the clip below.

A new report on West’s current condition, meanwhile, has suggested that the rapper still has no set release date from hospital. Pitchfork reports that West was scheduled to be released today (November 28), but he will now remain there until further notice because he “is still not stable.”

According to TMZ, West’s doctor told reporters outside UCLA’s Medical Center that the rapper “suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration.”