They're the band who introduced John Lennon to Paul McCartney - 'nuff said...

THE QUARRYMEN, the band who introduced John Lennon to Paul McCartney – are to reform for a one-off gig at the school in LIVERPOOL at which they formed.

According to reports from the BBC, the skiffle group – of which John Lennon was the frontman, will play a gig at the Quarry Bank School this month, where they formed in 1956.

The band will feature original members Colin Hanton, Len Gary, Rod Davies, Pete Shotton and Eric Griffiths, who told reporters that to be playing at the school, now known as Calderstone’s Comprehensive, was a “perfect bonus”. He said: “We’ve missed the last few Liverpool festivals because we were playing in America, so we’re looking forward to finally being part of it. To play at our old school where it all began is a perfect bonus for us.”

Paul McCartney met John Lennon at a church fate in 1957 where The Quarrymen were playing. McCartney eventually joined the band, and they evolved to become The Beatles.

The band’s show forms part of the International Beatle Week in Liverpool from August 24-29. Other attractions as part of the festival include personal appearances from Beatles biographer Hunter Davies and Klaus Voorman, who designed the sleeve to ‘Revolver’ – as well as tribute bands and an auction of rarities.