Queen’s Brian May campaigns against Wales badger cull

May says he is 'baffled' by planned cull

Queen guitarist Brian May is campaigning against a proposed badger cull in Wales.

Rural affairs minister Elin Jones has citied scientific evidence suggested that a number of the animals in west and mid-Wales were carrying the bovine TB disease.

May headed to Cardiff today (March 23) to attend an assembly debate and vote on the proposed cull. He told BBC Wales: “I am prepared to fight this all the way.”


He added: “This is a pointless piece of lunacy and it baffles me that the legal experts in this country can come down against Elin Jones on three separate counts and she can still go ahead just months later. It makes a mockery of Welsh law in my opinion.”

He said that cases of bovine TB had “fallen dramatically” in the past two years. “The slaughter of badgers cannot prove anything,” he added.

May claimed that a cull could affect Welsh tourism. “I don’t think people will want to visit a place that is splattered with the blood of animals,” he said.

The guitarist added that he thought the only way to eliminate the disease was through better screening, vaccination and controls in cattle farming.

Stephen James, Deputy President of the National Farmers Union Cymru, argued that vaccination was not a viable option in the IAA (Intensive Action Area) in west Wales.

“Vaccination prevents disease, it does not cure it,” he said. “We know that there is a significant reservoir of disease within the badger population of the IAA.”