Queen end collaboration with Paul Rodgers

'It was never meant to be permanent' says Rodgers

Queen and Paul Rodgers have announced that they have ended their collaboration, at least for the time being.

Rodgers, who has been performing and recording with Queen‘s Brian May and Roger Taylor since 2004, said that he believes it’s time for them to end their partnership.

“At this point we’re gonna sit back from this,” Rodgers told Billboard. “My arrangement with (Queen) was similar to my arrangement with Jimmy (Page) in The Firm in that it was never meant to be a permanent arrangement.


“I think we made a huge success of it, actually,” he added. “We did two world tours and a couple of live recordings, and…made a studio album, which was pretty historical for because they hadn’t really gone in the studio with anybody and recorded something like that for a very long time. So it was quite an achievement, I think.”

The ex-Free frontman added that he would definitely consider working with May and Taylor again in the future. “It’s kind of an open book, really,” he said. “If they approach me to do something for charity, for instance, or something like that…I’d be very much into doing that, for sure.”

In 2008, Queen released their first studio album in 13 years, ‘The Cosmos Rocks’, on which they collaborated with Rodgers.

–By our Los Angeles staff.