Queen discuss progress on new album

Rock legends record first new album since 1995

Queen have discussed the progress of their new album.

As previously reported, band members Brian May and Roger Taylor have joined forced with former Free and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers, who joined them on tour in 2005, to make a new record.

Speaking about the record, May said: “We went in the studio… to see what happens, because we’ve already tested it pretty good on stage and that works great… And we went in almost unprepared…and came up with some tracks, which I think are really great.


“They’re very different, they’re very unlike anything that we’ve done, or anything that Paul‘s (Rodgers) done.”

May told The Rock Radio that the new material will bolster their set when the band tour again.

He said: “It’s gonna be good, because next time we go out (on tour), we won’t just be nostalgia, we will be: ‘This is what we are.’”

The band last released an album in 1995. ’Made In Heaven’ was created using vocals Freddie Mercury left behind prior to his death in 1991.