Queen’s Brian May holds ‘badger funeral’ in London in protest against government cull

Guitarist calls the cull 'bone-headed', 'inhumane' and 'senseless'

Queen guitarist Brian May led a funeral march protest against the culling of badgers in London today (September 8).

The musician and animal rights activist has long been vocal about anti-badger cull issues and took to the streets of the capital in opposition of the planned Government badger cull.

May was accompanied by fellow protesters at the march organised by animal welfare group Team Badger. They led a hearse with flowers bearing the number 2,263, the alleged number of badgers that were killed in the last badger cull in the UK between 2013 to 2014.

May wrote in an article for The Mirror, “Today we raise our voices in disgust and outrage that a government, in the face of morality, all scientific evidence, and the overwhelming will of the British public are bone-headedly, doggedly pursuing a policy of murdering British badgers – in a useless and senseless war on wildlife that has already been declared INHUMANE and INEFFECTIVE, by its own experts in its declared aim of combating bovine TB in cattle.

“It’s a disgrace and a joke which is not funny. Just think of the wasted time, the wasted opportunities, and the appalling squandering of all our money, by this Government’s refusal to face up the truth of their folly.”

See pictures from the event below.