Brian May calls fox hunters ‘a bunch of lying bastards’ on BBC Newsnight – watch

Queen musician appeared on TV on Thursday (July 9) in a debate with the Countryside Alliance

Queen guitarist Brian May hit out at pro-fox hunting activists the Countryside Alliance on BBC Newsnight on Thursday night (July 9).

May appeared on the programme alongside the Countryside Alliance’s welfare consultant Jim Barrington, with the two engaging in a heated debate over the government’s plans to relax the current fox hunting ban.

Speaking on the show, May said: “”I think it is a very underhanded act I’m afraid because [David] Cameron for years has promised a free vote.”

“He’s now really realised that this probably wouldn’t result in what he wants, so very quickly… this thing has been put together as a way of circumventing the normal democratic process, so you introduce a little modification to the act, but this modification actually disables the whole hunting act.”

“Effectively, this is repeal under another name and I think that’s a very Machiavellian, rather inexcusable way of behaving.”

May later slammed the Countryside Alliance, labelling them as “a bunch of lying bastards”. The musician added: “There is no justification for the hunting of foxes on the grounds of control of foxes. They breed them to hunt, it’s all about people out there trying to catch foxes for fun, they like causing pain and this is what Cameron is endorsing.”

Watch the exchange below.