Roger Taylor attacks the London Party In The Park event after only a few acts play live...

VICTORIA ‘POSH SPICE’ BECKHAM was attacked by Queen‘s ROGER TAYLOR for miming at yesterday’s (Sunday July 10) PARTY IN THE PARK event, held to raise money for THE PRINCE’S TRUST.

The singer, who performed her new single ‘Out of Your Mind’ with Truesteppers, was among 29 of the 34 acts who mimed to their songs.

Afterwards the singer claimed the reason she didn’t sing live was because her voice on the single is treated in production.

Roger Taylor, Queen drummer, had a dig at the London Hyde Park gig’s organisers via The Sun newspaper. “I didn’t enjoy it at all,” he said. “There were only a few acts playing live and we were one of them – the rest all mimed or sang over backing tracks.”

Taylor, whose band performed live with Five, added: “It makes me so angry. I cannot understand how they allow so many acts to mime. That’s not what music is about.”

Victoria Beckham‘s bandmate Mel C also criticised the artists who mimed. “When you go to see bands you don’t go to see them mime. I don’t agree with artists miming,” she told The Sun. But her only comment on Posh‘s performance was: ” I think Posh was absolutely fantastic.”

Posh‘s PR advisor refused to confirm whether Victoria had mimed or not.

Another act who performed live were Travis, who sang their hit ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ before flying up for their headlining performance at the T In The Park Festival at Balado near Kinross in Scotland.

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