And Brian May promises that the surviving members of the band won't be appearing, as they make way for "young people"...

A musical based on the story of rock supergroup QUEEN is set to hit the London stage later this year or early next year, guitarist BRIAN MAY has revealed.

The musical, set to open in London’s West End, has been scripted by comedian Ben Elton and the remaining three members of the band.

Speaking in an interview to be broadcast on London’s Capital Gold radio station on March 15, May revealed they had been working on the concept for a number of years.


“We’ve been working on this damn project for about four years… but Ben came up with this great idea, so we’ve been working it privately.”

The guitarist also insisted that neither he nor drummer Roger Taylor or bassist John Deacon would appear in the musical.

“Young people will be in it,” he said.

Queen officially disbanded in 1995, four years after the Aids-related 1991 death of singer Freddie Mercury. There are unconfirmed rumours that they will tour the US this year with Robbie Williams acting as Mercury’s replacement in a bid to help him break the United States.