Queen hint they’ll work with Adam Lambert again in 2014

Drummer Roger Taylor also discusses the band's unreleased material

Queen are planning on working with singer Adam Lambert again next year, according to drummer Roger Taylor.

The band played a series of show with the former American Idol contestant in 2012 and, in an interview with Canoe, Taylor said they could reunite for further projects with Lambert in 2014.

“It was a one-off but it went really fantastically well,” he said of their gigs with Lambert. “He’s really come on even more. He’s a real dark force now. And he’s very theatrical. And he really interprets our songs just brilliantly. And he has that incredible instrument, that voice, and I feel he’s going away from the pop thing which is good I think. And he’s becoming a serious player.”


He then added: “He’s got a voice which is pretty unbeatable. I do think we will be working with Adam next year, yeah.”

Taylor also spoke about Queen’s unreleased material, following on from news that guitarist Brian May had found a number of tracks featuring vocals from Freddie Mercury. Describing the songs as “very good”, he added: “Brian’s working more on that than I am at the moment. I’ve been doing all this other stuff. But I will be getting together with him in the new year to finish what we’ve got there and then we’re going to fashion some kind of album, although the exact shape and form of it I’m not sure yet.”

Earlier this month (December 10), it was confirmed that Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw will play Mercury in a biopic of the singer’s life. Sacha Baron Cohen had originally been set to star as the singer when the film was announced in September 2010 but this summer he pulled out of the project, reportedly because he and Queen, who have script and director approval, were unable to agree on the type of movie they wanted to make.

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