Roger Taylor’s daughter says she was ‘bullied’ at school for listening to Queen

Tigerlily Taylor says people would put on Queen songs at parties to taunt her

Tigerlily Taylor, daughter of Queen‘s Roger Taylor, has revealed that she was bullied at school for listening to the band’s music.

The rock star’s daughter, who is now 21 and working as a model, studied at Bedales in Hampshire, an exclusive boarding school whose famous alumni include Lily Allen, Cara Delevingne, Patrick Wolf and The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard.

Discussing her father’s band with the Evening Standard, she recalled: “I used to listen to them so much when I was younger but I strayed away because I used to get bullied at school. People would put them on at a party and be like, ‘Ha! Ha!’, so I kind of developed a bit of an aversion to them for a while. But I do love their music.”


During a recent interview with Hello! Fashion Monthly, Tigerlily Taylor discussed her own abilities as a drummer, saying: “It does come naturally but [my father] is the worst teacher in the whole world. He thinks he’s simplifying things and he’s not.”

“I don’t like to play in front of other people though, I’m shy and get embarrassed,” she added. “[But] it’s the most cathartic thing in the world. It’s really good to get your aggression out.”

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