Queen’s Roger Taylor re-releases anti-Murdoch song – video

'Dear Mr Murdoch' to be available from iTunes later this week

Queen drummer Roger Taylor is to re-release his protest song about Rupert Murdoch.

The song, entitled ‘Dear Mr Murdoch’, was first written in 1994 and was included on the musician’s album, ‘Happiness’. It is being re-released with the lyrics slightly tweaked.

The song, available to hear below, includes lines such as “We’re drowning in nipples and bingo and sex crimes” and “Dear Mr Murdoch you’re really the pits. Bad news is good business, you’re the king of the tits”.

Taylor stated that the original lyrics “speak for themselves”.

Roger Taylor has previously gone head-to-head with Rupert Murdoch by funding fans’ protests at the tycoon’s potential plans to buy Manchester United, which eventually fell through.

Media mogul Murdoch was placed in front of the Commons media committee today (July 19) to answer questions about phone hacking at the News Of The World.

Two hours into the meeting he was hit in the face by a foam pie.

‘Dear Mr Murdoch’ will be available on iTunes at some point this week and you can find out more information on the re-released single by visiting Queen’s official website.