Queen block Donald Trump from using ‘We Will Rock You’ in campaign video

Another one bites the dust.

Queen have blocked Donald Trump from using their music once more, after ‘We Will Rock You’ featured in a new campaign video for the US President.

The video, which featured footage of Trump speaking to supporters, was posted last week (October 9) and featured the song in its entirety. At the time, a representative for the rock icons confirmed that a move to remove the song was already underway.

“Don’t expect this video — which uses Queen’s “We Will Rock You” in its entirety — to remain up for long,” wrote Buzzfeed’s Adam B.Vary on Thursday (October 10).


“A rep for Queen told me tonight that the band ‘has already entered into a process to call for non use of Queen song copyrights by the Trump campaign. This is ongoing.’

It’s believed that the clip was eventually taken down on Sunday (October 13). While Trump is yet to be delete the tweet, an official notice now states: “This media has been disabled in response to a report by copyright owner.”

Queen previously locked horns with Trump in 2016, when the then Presidential candidate walked onstage at the Republican National Convention to ‘We Are the Champions’.

In response, the band said they did not want their “music associated with any mainstream or political debate in any country” and said they didn’t want the 1977 song “to be used as an endorsement of Mr. Trump and the political views of the Republican Party.”

The rock band are the latest high-profile act to distance themself from Trump, following similar moves from Nickelback and the Prince estate in recent weeks.


Nickelback successfully filed a copyright claim against Trump after he used their track ‘Photograph’ in a viral video meme to mock rival Joe Biden.

Meanwhile,  Prince’s estate hit out at  Trump for playing ‘Purple Rain’ at a rally in the late musician’s hometown of Minneapolis – even though in 2018 Trump’s lawyers confirmed they would stop using his music.