Listen to the final ‘Queendom 2’ tracks from LOONA, Kep1er, Hyolyn and more

Ahead of the reality series’ final episode next week

Mnet has unveiled six new tracks ahead of the final episode of its TV reality series, Queendom season two.

The new EP features six brand-new, original tracks from all six contestants on the ongoing TV show: Hyolyn, VIVIZ, LOONA, WJSN, Brave Girls and Kep1er. The K-pop acts will perform a rendition of their respective tracks during the show’s finale next Thursday (June 2), before a winner for the season is crowned.

Hyolyn’s final track is titled ‘Waka Boom (My Way)’, and features rising Korean rap artist Lee Young-ji, while WJSN’s song is named ‘AURA’. Kep1er, LOONA, VIVIZ and Brave Girls’ new tracks are named ‘THE GIRLS (Can’t turn me down)’, ‘POSE’, ‘Red Sun!’ and ‘Whistle’ respectively. Listen to the full collection of tracks below:



As part of the voting process to determine the final Queendom 2 winner, the songs have been released in advance in order for the steams to be counted towards the contestants’ final scores. Streams of the final battle tracks will count towards the digital score component of the live vote.

The final battle tracks for Queendom 2 were notably unveiled a day after the penultimate episode of the series was aired on May 26, where all six participating acts had wrapped up the remaining performances of the show’s third round of performances.

Following VIVIZ, WJSN and Kep1er’s takes on the Round 3 objective of fan-favourite song choices the previous week, the May 26 broadcast of Queendom 2 saw LOONA, Hyolyn and Brave Girls stage theirs, performing dreamy performances of ‘Butterfly’, ‘Red Sun’ and ‘BAE’ from their respective discographies, as selected by fans.

Queendom 2 will air its finale live on June 2 on Mnet at 9:20pm KST. Queendom 2 is also available to stream on Viu in various regions.

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