Nick Oliveri on QOTSA departure: ‘I would have axed me too’

Bassist also gives his reasons for leaving Kyuss Lives!

Former Queens Of The Stone Age bassist Nick Oliveri has spoken out about his departure from the band and has now revealed that he can understand why he was asked to leave by Josh Homme.

Oliveri left Queens Of The Stone Age in 2004, with Homme accusing the bassist of disrespecting the group’s fans with his on tour antics. There were also rumours, which have never been confirmed, that Homme removed Oliveri from the band when he discovered he’d been violent towards his then girlfriend.

Speaking about a gig in Spain which he believed led Homme to remove him from the band, Oliveri admitted that he had gone into a tailspin when his bandmate didn’t show up for soundcheck and drank a bottle of vodka in frustration.


Speaking with Antiquiet about his departure, Oliveri said: “It took me six years to figure it out, but you know what, I would have axed me too. We did this show in Spain and I was freaking out when he didn’t show up for soundcheck. When he didn’t turn up, I drank a bottle of vodka and then the show wasn’t good. Then when we supposed to go back out after the set and Josh was like ‘I’m not going out there with you’ and I freaked out. I wished now he had just knocked me out, I’d have been sorry when I woke up then.”

Oliveri also spoke about his departure from Kyuss Lives! and revealed that he would not be touring with the band anymore as he wanted to focus on his solo project Mondo Generator.

He said of this: “I’m digging on my own stuff right now and playing my own tunes. The tour was originally designed to promote our solo stuff, when we knew we could reach a lot of people. That’s what I’m doing now, I’m going to bow out and do Mondo Generator.”

Oliveri also spoke about the lawsuit Josh Homme and another former Kyuss member, Scott Reeder, had filed a lawsuit against singer John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork which has accused them of “trademark infringement, misrepresentation [and] false designation”.

Asked about this, Oliveri said: “Josh told me what he was going to do and I told him ‘That’s pretty heavy man’. I’m sort of in the middle of it, I’m friends with both sides and yet I don’t agree with what either side is doing.”

The bassist added that he thought the lawsuit meant there could never be full Kyuss reunion, as there would now be too much bad blood between the members.


He said of this: “Unfortunately, when people sue each other, it guarantees that there will never be a reunion. Those people will never play in the same room together.”

Kyuss Lives! will play Download Festival this summer.